Baling Straps

Baler strapping/ bale strap all sizes 9mm to 19mm 4 or 8 coils per box . 250/500 metres per roll standard or heavy duty.

All sizes ex-stock.

Call before 14.00 hrs and have it delivered the following day.
Anywhere in ireland.
Suitable for all makes of bale


Baling Wire

Pulp baling wire is a high carbon wire with a light zinc coating that is used on fully automatic machines to form wire straps that hold the compressed (pulp or waste) bales together via a wire knot.

Its uniform tensile strength and elongation properties allow the formation of a knot that complies with the required minimum pull-out strength so that lifting and transport of the single and the unitized bales can take place in safe labor conditions in the warehouse and during loading and unloading in the harbors.