Shredding Baler Combinations

HSM shredder-baler combinations are the optimum, futureoriented solutions for large quantities of paper, complete folders and waste packaging material. Disposing of all data media securely and economically - this is the job for the combined shredder press machine. Although they take up only a minimum of space, HSM machines are complete disposal stations that destroy data reliably and compress the waste material into compact bales.

HSM combined shredder press machines are the ideal, future-oriented solutions for large quantities of paper, complete files, folders and waste packaging material.

Shredder / Baler Combinations


Paper can be optimally stored in compact easy-to-handle bales. The shredded paper is fed directly to the press from the cutter with security level 1, 2 or 3. Working width of 440 mm for all standard computer formats.







With a hydraulic baler to compress the shredded material. The useful supplement to the large document shredder: the shredded material is automatically compressed into compact bales







Professional system with baling press for large-scale central shredding of the wastepaper. The immense volumes of shredded paper cut to security level 2 or 3 are transferred directly from the shredder to the integrated press and compressed into compact bales.






Larger Equipment

Department Shredder


High Security Coupled with high performance and a working width of 444 mm for shredding large-size data media.







Perfect Feed Technology For smooth and crumpled sheets. The complete waste basket can be tipped into the large hopper. TAROS 85.20 VS with Vario Speed, delivers enormous power from a 230 V socket outlet. Depending on the requirements, this drive concept optimizes either the speed or the performance.






Large Document Shredder

16.50 S

When everyone is anxious to get home quickly, the entire wastepaper accumulated in the course of the day is shredded in a jiffy by powerful cutters to security level 2 or 3. Efficient collecting trolley for convenient handling.






Vibro compactors

15.90 VC

With vibrating compactor to reduce the shredded material volume. The economical alternative to baling: an exclusive Schleicher innovation.






16.50 VC

Patented compaction technology ensures that the volume of shredded paper is compactly reduced to cut costs and save space. Cutters with a working width of 500 mm and security level 2 or 3, as well as a powerful drive motor, ensure high throughput capacities.