At Acme Systems Ltd we are very aware of the legislation in relation to Health and Safety. To comply with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Acts we recommend to all our Customers a Service Contract.

All Machines supplied carry a one-year warranty from the date of sale. After warranty period we recommend the uptake of a Service Agreement .

This service includes:

  • One preventative Service Call per annum.
  • Written confirmation to you that all Safety, Electrical and Hydraulic Systems are in working order.
  • Check all Safety and Mechanical Mechanisms.

Service will include

  • Door safety switch and interlocks
  • Oil change
  • Check hydraulic system
  • Grease points
  • Electrical connections
  • Pressure gauge readings
  • Retaining fingers
  • Springs
  • Clean motor and debris from platen
  • Tighten all lock nuts on platen
  • Checked for wear and tear on wear-pads
  • Checked bale eject mechanism